March 31, 2014


My New Awesome “Bookcase”

Last year during Boxing Day, I went out to Home Depot to pick myself up a drill press with a gift card I received for Christmas. While I was there, I decided to pickup some pine project boards to use to make some sort of shelving unit. I didn’t know what it was going to look like, I just had an idea of how much lumber I’d need and that I really needed something to store stuff on.

Shortly after I had begun construction of this shelf. I didn’t care if it looked pretty, it just had to look functional. I drew out some plans on lined paper and made sure I had clearance for my World of Warcraft Collector’s Editions for the top shelf. I routed out dadoes in the two side pieces and then realized I completely butchered one of the sides. Crap. I decided it was probably too cold to do any woodworking anyway right now and postponed the trip to Home Depot; I’m very glad I did.

It’s been getting nicer out recently and decided to pickup my shelving unit project three months after I originally made some dadoes. I can totally salvage this monstrosity. My original plan of having a unit which was 12 inches deep was abandoned and I split my side piece in half lengthwise. I could still hold all the stuff I wanted, plus, it would end up taking a lot less space in my room. I consider that a win.

After many hours, I finally completed my masterpiece after careful considerations, a few cuts, a gallon of inhaled saw dust, and a really sore finger (hammers hurt kids). I didn’t take any pictures of my build process, although I really wanted to, but I definitely will do that next time!

There are definitely some mistakes made, but the only way you’re going to learn is by making those mistakes.

Can’t wait to tackle my next project. Very happy about the weather warming up now. I know I’ve got to make some planter boxes, but I think I’ll be building a custom desk once I figure out exactly how I want it to look and function. I also would love to build another bookcase for when I further my collection. A table also doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Oh and I’ve very sad I had to sand everything down. While sitting in “storage” for the past 3 months, all my pine had begun to turn into that awesome honey color that you get with aged pine. I’ll be letting it sit again a few months though before I’m able to haul it back outside and apply a finish to it; stupid weather is too cold for finishing. I’ll likely be going with a wipe on poly for the record ;)

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March 27, 2014


Welcome to the Internet

Hi! This is the personal website of Sire Fluxflashor, Senior Internet Person and resident gamer. I’ll be posting the ramblings of myself on here, and reflect on the past. This is probably the third or tenth time I’ve had blog software installed, so we’ll see if I can actually maintain it properly and keep an […]

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